Last Updated: 08/03/2019

1. General

All offers, orders, commissions and deliveries are solely in accordance with our delivery and payment terms, with which the person placing the order declares himself to be in agreement at the time of placing the order. This also applies to future transactions, even if there is no express reference to the delivery and payment terms. These, however, will be made available to the person placing the order in the event of an order being confirmed by us. If the order is placed in a way which departs from our terms and conditions, even then only our delivery and payment terms apply, even if we do not contradict them. Thus departures from the norm only apply if these have been expressly recognised by us in writing.


2. Delivery and Payment Terms
An invoice will be raised once an order is ready for shipping. No goods will be shipped until the invoice has been paid for in full. Shipping charges are applied to the invoice based on the weight of the package.


3. Payments
Payments must be made, unless otherwise agreed, within 14 days of receipt of the invoice without any discount. Payment must be made via the following acceptable methods in each of these countries concerned:

United Kingdom & other European countries: Bank transfers & Paypal


4. Minimums

All stockists will be required to purchase at least 14 dresses per year (7 every 6 months). This includes new store samples and customer orders. 


5. Returns
It is the responsibility of Buyer to inspect upon receipt, that all merchandise delivered matches its order. A written authorisation from the seller must be obtained by the Buyer for any returned merchandise. All returns must be made within 7 calendar days of receipt of goods. The Seller will charge the Buyer a 25% restocking fee with a £5.00 minimum charge for any returned merchandise. All return postage charges are to be paid by the sender only. We cannot reimburse you with the cost of postage.


6. Notice of Defects / Returns
The Buyer must make any claims of defects, including but not limited to those related to shortages, quality, or specification, within the first 7 calendar days after the receipt of merchandise. The Seller cannot be responsible for shortages when shipments are directed to a third party. It is the responsibility of Buyer to inspect upon receipt, that all merchandise delivered matches invoice.
Buyer must notify Seller in writing of all claims for damages resulting from delivery courier or any other defect that is known to Buyer at the time Buyer accepts the merchandise. Buyer hereby waives any claim for damages resulting from any defect Buyer is aware of or damaged caused during the delivery process by the courier, at the time Buyer accepts the merchandise.
Defects are considered as major damages such as rips, tear, holes and significant stains that would affect the integrity of the dress itself. Minor fabric imperfections such as colour differences from batch to batch or dots that are smaller than the size of a finger nail are not considered as defects and hence does not constitute reasons to request returns.


7. Delivery / Delay in Delivery
Deliveries that are late or that have not been made do not, under any circumstances, constitute grounds for a claim for compensation on the part of the buyer. The purchaser may only demand compensation for non-fulfilment if we have caused the delay to be intentionally or through gross negligence.


8. Modifcation of Goods
If the buyer modified, printed, garment dyed, washed or altered the goods in any way or form, the Buyer cannot return or make a claim relating to such merchandise. Garments modified by the Buyer, or modified by seller at the request of Buyer, may not be returned.


9. Quality Discrepancies
The details with regard to sizes quoted in our publications are not subject to any standards. The same applies to the size details quoted on the fabric labels. Drawing certain conclusions with regard to measurements and sizes on the basis of these details is not possible and do not constitute any grounds for complaint. Small discrepancies with regard to quality, color, shape, processing, width, weight, design and features that are usual in the trade or are unavoidable for technical reasons give no entitlement to lodge a complaint and do not lead to claims under the warranty.


10. Color Discrepancies
There will be some variance in colors between batches and dye lots. We cannot offer refunds or exchanges for any color related issues due to the variables that occur between batches and the dyeing process.


11. Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)
The products are not allowed to be sold at prices more than 10% below the MSRP unless written consent has been obtained. We will terminate any authorized agents or stockists at once that do not honor and comply with this policy. We encourage fair competition amongst all retailers and discourage other retailers from starting a price war that would lead to the detriment of the brand. Or where one retailer puts in all the services and time in serving one customer, only for another retailer to undercut that retailer with a much lower price hence taking away the customer and ‘free riding’ on the services provided.


12. Copyright

We have sole copyright on all goods, samples and graphic representations supplied or made available by us. The buyer is expressly forbidden from making copies of these or allowing copies to be made without prior written consent.


13. Crossborder Selling
It is strictly prohibited to sell the dress beyond buyer’s national borders. For example, a USA based retailer is not permitted to sell to any European country or Canada and vice versa. Nor are European & US retailers allowed to ship it to customers in Australia or New Zealand and vice versa.  We have exclusivity agreements in place and all territory sales have been agreed with each individual store, the violation of this rule will result in legal actions being taken immediately.