PR – Brdal Buyer June 2019

We were recently approached by Bridal Buyer to take part in an interview for thier June 2019 edition.


We were asked to answer some questions surrounding our relationship with a stockist, so, we chose to explore our relationship with Essex based Bridal shop, Dress Code Nine.


You can read the article on page 120 in the latest edition of the magazine, or if you can’t wait, you can read the article online!


How to Pack a MultiWrap

It might seem like an odd topic, but this is a question we get asked a lot! 


Every MultiWrap dress from Eliza & Ethan comes inside a luxury velvet pouch. Once you get the dress out, it can seem a bit daunting trying to get it back inside, so we have made a video to show you how. 


Here, Louise, (filmed by the awesome Tade) will teach you how to pop the One-Size MultiWrapinto the bag, there are written instructions below the video too. 


The Full Video can be viewed here:

Step 1

Holding the skirt by the west, let the straps hang in front and fold the dress in half lengthways with the straps on the outside. 

Step 2 

Fold the dress in half, lengthways, and then half again to make a little square. 

Step 3 

Wrap the remaining straps around the square parcel, making sure to wrap them tightly. 

Step 4

Put your parcelled dress inside the bandeau and wrap the bandeau around it. 

Step 5

Open the bag and pop the dress in! 

Boho Bridal Trend

The Boho bridal trend has hit the UK wedding industry hard and there are so many reasons why.


This relaxed wedding theme is easy to create and allows each couple to put their own spin on it, whether your big day is hosted in a barn, a tipi or in the local town hall, it is a great way to create a fun inclusive day for everyone and here are our top tips on how to do it.


The Dress


Anita – by Eliza & Ethan


This is the perfect dress for anyone wanting something floaty and modern with a boho twist. The 3D applique flowers and beaded detailing is just stunning!


Kennedy – by Wilderley 


Kennedy is a sweetheart, with a high collar neckline and floral sheet lace.

The Bridesmaids


The MultiWrap Bridesmaids dress from Eliza & Ethan is a great alternative to the traditional bridesmaids’ dress.


Each dress is one size (fitting from an 8-20) it can be wrapped in hundreds of different ways and comes in 30 different colours!

The Hair


If you’re having your hair up or down on your wedding day, a hair vine like the TLH3111 from Twilight Designs is the perfect piece to complement your wedding day look.

The Venue


All you need for a Boho wedding is a field and a tipi! These amazing festival style wedding marquee’s from Sami Tipi are perfect for your big day!


For the Kids


These lace Tipi’s from Tee Pee Dreams are just perfect for any boho bride looking to make your little guests feel special.


Tee Pee Dreams also offer sleepover packages for kids, perfect if you’re getting married in a venue and think your younger guests might need a nap while partying!


Photo taken by @amandakarenphotography 


The Finishing Touches


Macrame hanging baskets with simple succulents, ferns and spider plants are the perfect way to add a more relaxed element to your wedding day.


A wall hanging also make s a great backdrop for your wedding ceremony or for behind the top table.


If you’d like to know more about how to create your own simple hanging baskets, check out the YouTube video below!

Brides in Leather

Leather jackets have been adorning the ultra cool kids since the 50’s and now they’re making their way on to the shoulders of brides everywhere with one subtle difference… They are being painted with stunningly beautiful, personal designs.


Over at Minerva Designs, we love a leather jacket and we can’t think of a better bridal accessory to wear on and after your wedding day, so here are a few of our fave designs and where to find the artist!